Elevation Care Services is an experienced domiciliary care company offering specialized person-centred care packages for those with assessed health and social care needs.

Our services cover Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages to provide innovative and person-centred care for adults with a learning disability/autism, mental health and complex behaviour through a tailored support programme. Our fundamental principle is to give every single person we support the toolkit they need to live life to the full and as independently as possible.

All of our Service Users are treated as individuals, their personalities celebrated and personal interests and wishes at the heart of every care plan.

Regardless of what their condition is, we believe with the right Support Worker and personalized support everyone can receive the best quality of care at home in the environment they feel most comfortable in. Encouraging choice, independence and decision-making ensures the needs of each individual come first.

Elevation Care Services was established in 2017 and has grown considerably during this time. The company has developed a strong reputation for providing an excellent service for those with health and social care needs. Delivering the highest quality of care to meet individual needs in a safe, caring, effective and responsive environment.

It’s a monumental change for people with complex needs to try and take control of their own lives, so we work together to help them to achieve this working with families and professionals to make this journey a partnership.

Driven by a well led workforce with the skills, knowledge and resources to meet the greatest standards. Our staff team are trained in positive behavioural support to ensure the highest quality of care is provided, tailored to the stakeholders needs.

We take pride in the range of group activities we offer stakeholders within our service to promote social cohesion, well-being and an active lifestyle. Activities include ladies night, bowling night, “come dine with me” within Supported Living houses, as well as Halloween and Christmas parties.

Our code:

  1. Support focused on the person
  2. An ordinary and meaningful life
  3. Being happy and quality of life
  4. Good culture and the organization
  5. Lead and run the organization well

Elevation Care Services offers a wide range of services including:

Supported Living in a 24/7 care environment in the stakeholder’s own home.

Domiciliary/outreach services for tailored support depending on the stakeholders needs. The length of visits varies from a minimum of 30 minutes up to 8 hours a day to ensure there is adequate time for all the activities to be conducted without being rushed.

Community engagement / day opportunities to support stakeholders with community-based activities to promote an active and well-led life.

Mental health services range for individuals who benefit from a few hours support to those who need 24/7 care. Specialized training is provided to ensure staff are able to support stakeholders with all forms of mental health and challenging behaviours, in an environment best suited to the stakeholder and tailored to their needs through person-centred care plans and regular reviews.

Activities include personal care, medication support, financial support and budgeting, home help, cooking, food shopping, companionship and community-based activities; including supporting with GP and dentist appointments as well as going for walks, swimming and picnics.

  • Relationship of Service User to the enquirer, long or short term service required, potential start date, location of Service User and brief detail of needs:

What our people say…

Family member of Service User

“We have had a fantastic experience with Elevation Care Services- I feel very safe leaving my non-verbal daughter with her regular carers and can tell by her responses to them that she really enjoys being with them”

Compliment from Athletics Coach

“This is fantastic news as staff adapted their support. Due to staff ‘can do’ approach and encouragement L is not only engaging but showing progress in activities”

Family member of Service User

“Outstanding care and experienced staff”